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#2282  Feather Wish Necklace

Feather Wish Necklace #21296

Rhodium Feather Wish Locket with 3/4" white wishing feathers inside.

 Lobster Claw closure.

 16" with 2" extender.

 Message in box reads: To help all wishes come true for a sister, a friend,or for you. Wish upon an Angel Wing Feather for peace, love, or a change of weather.  Then keep the feather close at hand in a locket, a pocket or a night stand. The Angel whose wing feather you possess will fly to your side to help with success. And when your wish comes true, pass on the feather to a friend or two.

 WARNING: Contents may cause you to cease wishing upon stars, birthday candles, coins tossed into fountains and genie bottles.

 ** We also sell the refill feathers!! **



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